YPTE – New Website!

We have just launched a new website for Young People’s Trust For The Environment (YPTE). YPTE are a charity that aim to encourage young people’s understanding of the environment and the need for sustainability. The YPTE website is a high traffic website used by thousands of people everyday. The site has hundreds of factsheets and learning resources for children, teenagers, teachers and parents, the resources cover everything from animals to environmental issues.

When we were approached by YPTE we wanted to come up with a clean and simple design that could easily be used by various users and age groups across a multitude of devices. The website is responsive therefore it adapts to the device that the user is viewing it on whether is is a desktop computer, tablet or mobile, helping to make YPTE’s learning resources very accessible.

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Work Experience

Here at Ziontech we are once again supporting pupils from local schools in completing their work experience with us. During their time with us they will first come up with an idea of a topic for their website. They will then come up with the site content and complete some HTML and CSS tutorials before going on to code their own website.

Last week we were lucky to have Laura Cairns from Sturminster Newton High School completing her work experience with us. She decided to produce a website on a band she liked. With little past experience in web development, Laura managed to produce this very impressive website in just a week:

To view the website click here.

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Congratulations Steph!

We are very pleased to announce that, as Google Partners Ziontech now have three certified individuals! After passing the Fundamentals Exam back in February, last week Steph went on to pass the Search Advanced Exam, with a score of 83%. She is now the third certified member of the Ziontech team, along with Rachel and Tim. To become a qualified individual you need to pass two of the Google Adwords exams, the fundamentals exam and one of two advanced exams. Steph, Rachel and Tim have all taken and passed the Fundamentals and Search Advanced Exam with Tim also having passed the Display Advertising Exam. Continue reading

Responsive Design

Here at Ziontech, we have recently been reviewing the traffic and performance of our client’s websites. The most interesting thing we noticed in doing this review was the massive increase we saw in mobile traffic to these websites. Over the past few years the percentage of people using mobile devices as opposed to desktop computers to browse the web has risen by a significant amount and is continuing to rise. This was also reflected in our review, every single website saw an increase in the amount people viewing it on a mobile device some with mobile traffic taking up a large percentage of the website’s overall traffic, with an enormous increase of more than 100% over the past year!

With the use of mobile to browse the web constantly on the rise, more and more websites are being designed to adapt to the device they are being viewed on. You may feel that your website works fine on your mobile device and in terms of functionality, it probably does. However, what we also saw and found very interesting during our review was that, although the websites do still work on mobile, the user did not stay on the site for long or immediately left if it did not take well to being viewed on a mobile device. If a user visits your website and it doesn’t look as they would expect it to or if it’s not very user friendly because they have to zoom in to read text they will often leave or find another website and it’s unlikely that they will return. It is important that once a user visits your site that they don’t immediately leave. Continue reading

Token Publishing are on Newsstand!

Here at Ziontech, we have just finished producing our first Apple Newsstand App for Token Publishing. Token Publishing are publishers of Coin News, Britain’s best selling coin magazine and Medal News,the world’s only magazine devoted to medals, battles and the history of heroes.

In the past subscribers had the ability to view the digital issues of the magazines online through Token Publishing’s Magazine Viewer. However, now the digital issues are available to download on iOS devices through the Newsstand App. We produced two apps for Newsstand, Coin News and Medal News, which are now both accessible on iPad and iPhone via the app. Individual back issues can also be purchased through the app and users can sign up for a subscription that will send new issues straight to their device as they are released. Continue reading

AdWords Success!

Good news! Here at Ziontech we have just had another member of staff take and successfully pass the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam. This exam covers basic aspects of AdWords and online advertising including account management and the value of search advertising. In order to pass the exam you have to answer 90 questions achieving at least 85%. Earlier this week Steph took the exam and passed first time with 91%! Both Tim and Rachel have also passed this exam along with the two advanced advertising exams. In order to become certified Steph will need to go on to pass one of these two advanced exams.

We are currently the only Google Partner in Yeovil. Being a Google Partner means that we have the ability to use best practices to manage campaigns and have access to training and product updates. We thought it would be beneficial to have another staff member trained in AdWords to help us to help our customers to get the best out of their pay per click advertising campaigns. We can now spend more time optimising your campaigns to spend your advertising budget wisely. If you are interested in using AdWords PPC to advertise your business then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Google Ad Grants

As a result of Ziontech becoming Google Partners and attending an advanced AdWords training day, we were made aware of the Google Ad Grants scheme. Google are offering charities $10,000 per month in in-kind AdWords advertising, to promote their missions and initiatives. In order to be eligible for this $120,000 a year of free advertising a charity simply needs to adhere to a few simple requirements such as holding a current and valid charity status and having a functioning website with substantial content.

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Ziontech Achieve Google Partner Status!

Google Partners are online marketing companies, trusted by Google. Google have recently restructured the way in which a company achieves this status. There are no longer Google Certified Professionals and the criteria for becoming a Google Partner is a lot stricter. They take a look at the campaigns you currently run for your clients and decide whether you are eligible to become a Google Partner. Only one third of the previous Google Certified Professionals have become Google Partners and we are pleased to announce Ziontech are officially Google Partners!

In order to achieve this partner status there were many strict criteria that we had to meet. It takes advanced AdWords knowledge, a track record of high-quality results, a healthy amount of activity across your managed accounts, and a complete company profile. We had to pass at least two AdWords certification exams. We successfully passed The Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam, The Search Advertising Advanced Exam and The Display Advertising Exam.

We are very pleased to be partners. We can now be ahead of the curve by working directly with Google. With access to training and product updates, we will be able to use best practices to manage campaigns and focus on helping you to  get the most out of your marketing budget.

Based in Yeovil, at the moment we believe we are the only Google Partner in the whole of Somerset!